Ultimate Direction Handhelds | Product Review

October 6, 2014

Hydration is critical to all of life. It keeps the chemical processes in our body going. Without water we die. I’m not trying to be dramatic (ok maybe just a little), but its true! We need water. Running on the trail isn’t any different. In fact water is even more important during workouts. So the questions is, how do you run super long distances without aid stations and still get the water you need?

You have to carry it.

There are currently a few great solutions out there, so how do you pick the best one? With so many options it can be a bit overwhelming. Do you use a water bladder in a pack, hold some bottles on a belt, or go with handhelds? I personally have chosen the handheld route. Why? Simple, when I looked at the pros I saw that most of them were using them so I thought I would give it a try! After trying handhelds I decided to never go back to bladders during runs. The thing that bugged me about bladders the most was tube management. No mater what, I had a hard time finding the mouth piece! It just wasn’t worth it. So I went with Ultimate Direction‘s handled. I have log a lot of miles with them and really love them. They are differently worth considering. In addition to the handhelds, they also make amazing packs and belts.

If you buy everything on Amazon like I do, you can check out they’re stuff here.

To find out more about why I love them check out the video review below (more photos after the video): 


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