Spectrum Trail Racing Series

July 13, 2015

Trail racing is a strange  and kind of lonely sport. One might even argue that it’s THE sport for introverts. You might relate to my experience. I wake up early and run trails (usually alone) for months on end to prep for a race. Not to mention the weekend long runs that span anywhere from 3 to 6 hours. Once the race comes, I drive into town, pitch a tent in the woods, run the race by myself (unless I have a pacer), and then get in my car and go home. This may sound depressing but it is quite amazing! I love running, nature, and alone time. These times are refreshing to my body, mind, and soul. That said, it is all anticlimactic. All that training just to cross the finish line and go home?

I do wish trail racing events were more family/spectator friendly and conducive to hanging out. I mean, how cool would it be if I when I finished a race there would be a big party waiting for me?! That would be WAY better than the stock pot of non-vegan friendly soup at the aid station I can’t eat. Hell, most people aren’t eating it!


There’s A New Series In Town…


Enter the amazing Spectrum Trail Racing Series. (Quick disclosure, I am on their trail running team so this is bias. They paid me tons of money to run for them and write this. In reality, I run with them because I love what they are doing. Although lots of money wouldn’t be bad.)
The Spectrum Trail Series is all about one thing, the love of running. The races focus on running awesome trails with awesome runners and celebrating EVERYONES achievement. The whole weekend is a party that acknowledges all the work YOU put into training and finishing the race.

What does this celebration look like? Here is a peek at some of the awesome festivities to expect.

Friday Night Films

We will have an outdoor film each Friday at 8 pm, the night before the race. There will be a variety of short adventure films, lasting about 1-1.5 hours total. Complimentary popcorn will be handed out (2 flavors: cinnamon roll and white cheddar)


Who wants to just wait around for runners to finish? What if there was something fun to do? There will be three lawn games: horseshoe, washers, and ladder-ball. We are also working on a forth secret game. This will be great fun for spectators, family, and finishers.


Tons of great music played over the speakers throughout the race. An Austin band, Phoenix Down, will show up to play for about 2 hours in the late afternoon the day of the race.

There will also be some great stuff from sponsors Deep Eddy Vodka and Hops & Grain.


It doesn’t matter is you are trying to set a 12 hour PR, finish your first 50K, or your first 10k on trail, Spectrum has you covered. There will be 4 great races this fall; Flat Rock Ranch Marathon and Half, McKinney Roughs 10k/25K/50K, Muleshoe 10k/25K/50K, and the McKinney Roughs 12 Hour Relay or 30k. All these races have been well thought out and planed. I have run a lot of the trails as we have planed out the courses. The scenery is great!

These races are going to be a blast and we would love to see you there! For more information on the races or to register visit www.spectrumtrailracing.com.

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