PocketFuel Naturals | Product Review

October 9, 2014

Getting enough calories during a long workout is paramount to performance, and will even determine if you get to the finish line or not. For years there have been lots of things you can eat or drink to get calories or a “boost” during your race or long workout. However, most of them have been full of artificial flavors, colors, weird chemicals, and honestly didn’t taste good. These are things I try to keep out of my regular diet so why would I want eat them at the peak of my physical performance when my body is craving real food?

Packing real food like dates and homemade chia seed gels are great alternatives to the goos and gels out there.  But honestly it is hard to find the time to prepare fuel for a workout. That is why I am glad there are companies like PocketFuel Naturals who make amazing “gels” out of real food. They’re Cold Brew Coffee Energy Shots and Nut Butter Blends are fantastic! Not only do they taste good, they are dairy free, Vegan friendly (except for Chia Goji & Honey), and most importantly give your body what it needs! I recommend them 100%! You should defiantly consider adding them to your arsenal of fueling options.

To get some PocketFuel of your own checkout their site.

Here is the video review (more photos after the video):



Here is a bonus video! A quick walkthrough of what I used to film this review.


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