2015 A Really Big Year

January 3, 2015

Happy New Year! I can’t believe that it’s already 2015! 2014 was defiantly the best year of my life up to this point. We celebrated 1 year in Austin, TX, had some amazing jobs during the year, started the Chasing 100 project, and most importantly, we met and adopted our son Erich! It is going to be hard to top 2014 but I have a feeling that 2015 will be just as amazing if not better! There are so many great things happening here on the Chasing 100 front that I just wanted to share a few of them.

  • The Running Event 2014 Recap – I got to spend the first week of December 2014 filming some great interviews with vendors at the running event in Austin. I am almost done editing all of the videos and they will be posted soon. You can look forward to interviews with people like Scott McCoubrey,  the director of the White River 50 Mile Endurance Run, and  Golden Harper, founder of Altra running shoes. I am really excited about getting this content to you ASAP!
  • Kickstarter Campaign – We are getting close to launching our kickstarter campaign! It should be about a month from now. We are going to need everyone’s help to get us to our goal. Keep our eyes open as we will be posting more about it.
  • Lots of Blog Content – I have been weak when it comes to blogging. This is going to change. I am going to be posting a lot about nutrition, running, documentaries, books, podcasts, and more!
  • Instagram – I am not very active on social media but I love Instagram. Most of my efforts are going to be spent there. As a photographer it just makes sense to play into my strengths. If you want to reach out just hit me up at @chasing100
  • Travel For Interviews and Running – I will be traveling a lot this next year in order to film interviews for the documentary and also to run with people. I will be in Colorado a lot. Specifically Avon/Vail and Boulder. I will be posting when I am there and would love to meet up and have some group runs. I will be posting where I am so keep your eyes open.
  • Bandera 100k – Next weekend my friend and running/climbing buddy Caleb Simpson will be running the Bandera 100k. You might know him better as one of the Beaded Brothers or the Organic Climber. I will be pacing for him next weekend and can’t wait! It’s going to be awesome!
  • Leadville 100 Training Camp – June 26th-29th I’ll be in Leadville at the Training Camp for the Leadville 100. I have heard that this camp is a blast and one of the best ways to prep for the race. If you are going let me know. I would love to meet up there!
  • Leadville 100 – Last but not least, the Leadville 100! Thats right, I’m in! I signed up for Leadville on January 1, 2015 at 8 am. It was the best way to start out the new year! This means that August 22nd, 2015 will be my first 100 mile race. My goal is to sneak in under the 25 hour cut off. That is a tad faster than 15 minute miles for 100 miles. That’s average walking speed on flat ground. However, add in altitude, elevation gain, 100 miles and  all of the sudden 15 min/miles is pretty fast! Needless to say, I have a lot of training to do! Lowest point of the race is 9,200 ft. above sea level and the highest is 12,600 ft..2013_Leadville_Trail_100_Run_Course_Profile You can view the course map for 2015 here.

As you can see 2015 is already shaping up to be an amazing year! It is going to be hard but wonderfully adventurous! I would love to hear form you about what you are doing to make 2015 the best year of your life. Let me know in the comments!

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